Auto Injury Rehabilitation

Auto-accident victims get results that last through hands-on therapy with one of our experienced physical therapy professionals. Auto accident victims may experience few symptoms initially following a collision but subsequently suffer from a variety of symptoms including pain and muscle stiffness or radiating symptoms. Often the pain associated with these types of injuries takes days and sometimes weeks to appear. That is why it is important to receive prompt treatment following an auto accident.

Question: How do I get PIP insurance coverage following a car accident?

To be covered by PIP you must initiate a physical examination for the injury received in an automobile accident within 14 days of the occurrence of the accident from a physician, osteopathic physician, dentist, supervised physician assistant or nurse practitioner. The maximum amount of coverage your are eligible to receive is $10,000 for an emergency condition. The law provides for up to $2,500 in coverage, including diagnostics, for non-emergency conditions resulting from an automobile accident. An ER visit does not automatically make your injury an Emergency Medical Condition.

Please note: There was much confusion regarding the new PIP reforms that appeared to suggest that only certain clinics can treat auto patients. The Florida Physical Therapy Association (FPTA) obtained an opinion in June of 2013 from the Florida OIR supporting the FPTA assessment that an individual licensed physical therapist may, upon receipt of a referral from one of the providers listed in statute, treat and bill PIP carriers for services under their individual license. Bottom-line, you can go to any private practice physical therapist of your choice under the new law with coverage benefits up to $2500 for non-emergencies. At Brookline Physical Therapy we accept most insurance plans. Please call if you have any questions regarding your coverage.

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