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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why did you name your company Brookline?
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    We get asked this question alot! Brookline is a small beautiful town bordering the city of Boston, Massachusetts and Boston University where John Esguerra completed his undergraduate and graduate studies. Both Lea and John share many fond memories of this town and we consider it our home away from home. So we brought a little of it along with us to Florida. Brookline, MA is famous for being the birthplace of John F Kennedy.
  • Do you take my insurance for physical therapy?
    We accept most insurance plans. Below is a partial listing of the insurance plans we are in network and credentialed with to provide PT services as of August 1, 2013. As a new facility we are accepting new insurances every day. Please call 813-527-6913 to find out if we are participating providers for your insurance if you do not see your insurance below.

    • BLUE CROSS BLUE SHIELD (all plans)
    • HUMANA (all commercial plans)
    • UNITED
    • CIGNA
    • AETNA
    • AUTO
    • AARP
    • AMERIGROUP Medicare Advantage and Community Plans
    • ORCHID
    • PRIME
    • CORVEL
    • CHUBB
    • ZURICH
    • SRS
    Please see below or ask about our excellent rates for patients who choose to self-pay. With certain plans our self-pay rates may actually be lower than a co-pay. We believe everyone should have equal access to quality physical therapy and we provide affordable rates for self paying patients and those with insurance plans we accept out of network. It is up for you to decide if the quality of care you are receiving meets your expectations whether or not a facility accepts your insurance. We are certain you will be satisfied with the quality of care you receive at Brookline Physical Therapy.
  • Can I go to any rehabilitation (PT/OT/) clinic?
    It is very important as a patient to know that in most cases, you have the right to choose any therapy clinic and if you are referred from a doctor's office they usually let you choose from a number of therapy companies convenient to you or leave the decision completely up to you. Again, in most cases you have the right to choose wherever you want to go and your doctor will always be pleased to find out that you are receiving care in good hands. Our practice is a provider for many different insurance plans. The best thing to do is give us a call and we will attempt to answer all of your questions.
  • Why should I choose Brookline Physical Therapy for my rehabilitation needs?
    Quality physical therapy always begins with the skill and experience of the therapist treating you. At Brookline Physical Therapy you will be treated by an experienced and caring physical therapist who will put your needs first. As owners of Brookline Physical Therapy the two lead physical therapists insist that all our patients receive the best care possible and we stand behind our care. We make sure you are treated by the same therapist who performed your evaluation from the start to finish of your stay. To learn more about us click here.

    Secondly, you will recognize the quality of our facility the moment you step in our doors. We tested each and every piece of rehabilitation equipment to ensure it was the finest available to meet your rehabilitative and fitness needs. Also Brookline Physical Therapy is one of the few clinics in the Tampa area that carries the latest state of the art treatments including Cold Laser and the Triton DTS (decompression traction system) for lower back and neck pains. We have a "safe for the joints" gym floor available for stretching, core strengthening, and pilates / yoga. We believe you will not find a more beautiful and modern clinic in the Wesley Chapel area and you won't be disappointed when you see it. Please click here for a tour of our facility.

    Finally, we have convenient hours especially for patients with busy work schedules. We all pay a lot for our health insurance, unfortunately when it comes to physical therapy we don't always believe you may be getting the best value for your money in terms of the time and personal attention you will receive from your therapist as well as the quality of the facility itself and the treatments that are offered. Only you can be the best judge of quality healthcare and we always welcome new patients to take a tour of our facility or speak to one of our therapists if you have any questions. We are open from 8AM-7PM Monday thru Fridays and we have Saturday hours available by appointment. If you have a busy schedule you can be rest assured that we can meet your needs.
  • What happens during my first visit?
    • During your first visit you can expect the following:
    • Arrive at your appointment with your paperwork completed or 15 minutes prior to the start of you first appointment to fill out the necessary forms (you can download them from our website - see the paperwork or forms link).
    • You will provide us with your prescription for physical therapy.
    • We will copy your insurance card.
    • You will be seen for the initial evaluation by the therapist.
    • The therapist will then discuss your medical history and current complaints followed by a complete evaluation of your chief complaint. The therapist will then assess the appropriate plan of care and make recommendations for treatment and discuss with you the goals of treatment and answer any questions you may have. The therapist will then send a copy of his or her report to your doctor.
  • What do I need to bring with me?
    Make sure you bring your physical therapy referral (provided to you by your doctor) and your payment information. If your insurance is covering the cost of physical therapy, bring your insurance card. If you are covered by Workers' Compensation, bring your claim number and your case manager's contact information. If you are covered by auto insurance or an attorney lien, make sure you bring this information.
  • How should I dress?
    You should wear loose fitting clothing so you can allow us to exam the body part you are receiving treatment for. For example if you have a knee issue, wear or bring shorts with you. We have private treatment rooms where you can change.
  • How many visits will I need?
    This is highly variable. You may need one visit or you may need several weeks of care. It depends on your diagnosis, the severity of your impairments, your past medical history, etc. You will be re-evaluated at least once a month as necessary and your doctor will be receiving regular progress notes from us.
  • What if I don't have insurance, how much will it cost to receive therapy?
    We provide affordable and competitive rates for patients without insurance. We provide a personalized treatment plan based on medical necessity and your budget. Below is a listing of some of our self pay rates:

    • Physical Therapy / Occupational Therapy / Speech Evaluation: $80
    • Comprehensive Therapeutic Exercise Instruction with Home Exercise Program: $50 – ½ hour/ $80 – 1 hour.
    • Cold Laser Treatment per diagnosed body part: $35
    • Iontophoresis per diagnosed body part: $35
    • Ultrasound Treatment per diagnosed body part: $30
    • Triton DTS Spinal Decompression Traction (computer-aided mechanical traction): $50 for 30 minute session